Stupid Things We Do When We Are Sick

Growing up in the age of information we have access to answers to almost any question we can think or imagine. Unfortunately, we take this information and combine it with our own logic to make a good thing turn out to be not quite what we had planned.

Take the common cold. You get the coughing, sneezing, stuffy nose symptoms and you pick up the all the medication you have seen on TV and start self medicating. If it doesn’t start working in 15 minutes we look for something else to take to make it go away.

After awhile it seems to be working as the symptoms start subsiding but it’s not long before it comes back with a vengeance. So we start all over and take even more this time.

What most people don’t realize is that all the meds they are taking is just masking the symptoms and not treating the problem. The body was beautifully made to tackle the cause of the problem and all the medication works to slow down the reactions the body wants to do to heal itself.

What happens many times is that the symptoms are lingering despite all the unnecessary self medicating so we look for some old antibiotics to take. Not sure why you would take an antibiotic when the cold is not caused by anything that an antibiotic would help but our mixed up logic feels like it is the best course of action.

Hey—it’s a cold. Stay home, rest, hydrate, and let your body do what it was designed to do. Then take some singing lessons through the superior singing method review.

Could It Be That Meat Does A Body Good

You have probably seen the ads that says milk does a body good (which by the way is questionable) but have you heard anyone say that meat does a body good?

Most reports condemn the consumption of meat especially that nasty red meat. There are all kinds of talk about clogging arteries and putrefying in you intestines and increasing the risk of heart attack.

But is that really true? Recently a report was published in the American Journal of Hypertension stating that people who have a diet with a high protein intake tend to have lower blood pressure.

The study done at Boston University followed 1,136 people over an 11 year period. The surprising results showed that the people in the group who ate a high protein diet of around 102 grams a day consistently registered blood pressure reading lower that were lower than those who had a much lower protein intake of 58 grams.

Your first thought might be “yeah those people have lower blood pressure because they are those nutty weight lifters who workout all day and drink raw eggs”. However, that would be a wrong assumption.

The study found that even the participants considered overweight benefited from the higher protein intake.  The high protein group also presented fewer risk factors and were 40%  less likely to develop hypertension. On an off note, seems like what they are saying in the Earth4energy review may indirectly cause a reduction in stress due to lower bills.. lol just sayin.

One possible reason could be that several of the amino acids in meats have a blood vessel dilating effect which of course would decrease the pressure the blood exerts on them.

One of the studies directors stated that the protein source didn’t really matter as either animal or vegetable protein produced similar results. He did add that a good source of fiber seemed to aid in the good results as well.

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They Do Have A Heart

This is the second post and this blog is going to immediately veer from the first post. The headlines today prompted an attaboy award to the Cincinnati Bengals football team.

Just a few days ago defensive tackle Devon Still was cut from the football team by the Bengal staff. His play wasn’t quite up to the  standards the staff was looking for.

However, it may have not been because Devon doesn’t have the talent to play in the NFL. You see Stills’ four year old daughter Leah is in a battle or her life due to a diagnosis of stage 4 pediatric cancer in June.

Devon and Leah are battling the horrific disease and it is easy to understand if Devon cannot put his full attention to the game of football.

Brave and feisty Leah on her way to a chemo treatment

For most players being cut by an NFL team that is the end of the line. They have to integrate back into society and get a more normal job. The Bengals front office decided to buck that trend and offered to keep Still on as a practice team player.

The even better part about the Bengals move is that Devon will still be covered by the teams health insurance which is more than a blessing  for Ms Leah.

Today we award an Attaboy Award to the Cincinnati Bengals football team  for doing the right thing.

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The Pensieve

What is the pensieve? What does it have to do with this blog? Why should you be interested? But most importantly why should you care?

Image by Joaquim Netto

The pensieve is round basin of stone and metal that is has a running appearance in several of the Harry Potter books and movies. The pensieve is a place where memories can be stored and looked at from a third person object view. (This is not an endorsement for the Harry Potter movies–just found the pensieve concept interesting.)   It has a silvery gas/liquid like substance where the memories of the people who have volunteered their memories to be saved are stored. For obvious reasons the pensieve of each person is usually buried with them to keep some of the personal dark secrets they would not want known to remain secrets. In most cases that is good for their survivors as well. The pensieve will be the background for many of the articles that appear here. Standing back and looking at memories in a non personal way is the goal but as you may know  remaining neutral to the memories will be a major task. Why should you be interested? Mainly for the comical response to memories that seemed to be earth shattering at the time only to turn out to be limp and boring non events. Why should you care? Well that is a question that you will have to answer, Can looking back at memories help improve your life now? would looking at events in your life through a non personal viewpoint change the influence of those memories? Can looking at the past with a different set of eyes illuminate a whole new world for you? Meh– probably not but it should be fun.